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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Legend Of Zelda, The : Oracle Of Seasons

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Game Name : Legend Of Zelda, The : Oracle Of Seasons
System : GameBoy
Date Added : 2006-09-11 15:12:31
Views : 23046

Extra Rings:
When the red snake in Vasu's shop lets you say a secret, enter the first fourteen letters/symbols of the secret that the red snake gives you. Then, go through every letter / symbol in the fifteenth spot in the secret. Many times the secret will be wrong or it will give you no rings. However, if you want to spend the time, it does work. When you finish just changing the last digit of the secret, change the last second, third, fourth, or fifth and see if you get more rings.

Destroy the Great Moblin's house:
Once you defeat the Great Moblin at his keep, he will move to the abandoned house just one screen south of the Gale Tree in Sunken City, making bombs. Go in the house to find a pile of bombs in the corner. Set an Ember Seed on the pile or let one of your bombs explode next to it, and then the pile will blink. Get out of the house while it is blinking. The Moblin will run away and the house will explode. After blowing it up twice or so, they will catch you, knock you out inside of the house, and the explosion will kill you.

Red Ring:
Go east from the Gnarled Root dungeon and change the season to Summer Go south from Gnarled Root dungeon to find a stairway. Go down and a man will give you a Red Ring if you do what he says. A Red Ring doubles your sword damage without making enemies stronger. He wants you to slay 4 golden creatures. They are found at the following locations. The Soldier is east of Heroes Cave in Spring. The Octorok is south of the warp in Spool Swamp in Summer. The Moblin is near the entrance to Snakes Remains in Fall. The Wolf is in the Ancient Ruins in Winter (where there usually are two Red Soldiers and three Hard Mushrooms).

Quick save:
Press Start + Select during game play to go directly to the save screen.

Hidden shop:
Play the game in a Game Boy Advance. Go to Horon Village and find the locked door next to the Target Aim mini-game. It can now be opened, allowing access to a shop that sells all items for 100 rupees. In the shop, you can buy a Ring that is appraised to be the GBA Nature Ring. It is described as "Life Advanced!" in its (n.

Noble Sword:
Go to the Lost Woods, change the season to Winter, then go left. Change the season to Fall, then go left. Change the season to Spring, then go left. Change the season to Summer, then go left. You should find the Noble Sword. When you have full hearts, you can shoot energy beams from the sword.

Maku Tree:
The Maku Tree slowly develops as you proceed through the game. It will change after each essence. The first makes it slightly bigger. The second makes it take half the screen and have a doorway. The third opens a stairway in the back of inside that leads to a doorway outside of the tree (second floor) -- it contains a Gasha Seed. The fourth makes the second floor have a room, but nothing really in it except for water in the corners and center and two bushes. The fifth puts some vines on the second floor walkway outside leading to the third floor. It is just a one space spot now. The sixth opens a walkway on the third floor, but no door. The seventh seems to have no effect. The eighth opens a doorway on the third floor. Inside, it is just like the second floor, only there are three bushes instead of two.

Extra hearts:
If you are in a dungeon and low on hearts, find some hearts in bushes, then go to another room and return. Get the heart at the same spot that you originally found it. Repeat until all your hearts are full. In some cases this also works for other items. Note: This only works in certain parts of the game where anyone would place them (if they could), such as the three bushes outside level 4.

Wake up the tree:
To wake up the treen burst the bubble coming out of his nose.

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